Getting Stronger

Posted on May 11, 2013

Every startup leader needs to continuously work at body building!
The business body, that is.
Unlike reporting to the office and picking up the assigned project that you were working on yesterday, every day as an entrepeneur brings new challenges just to keep up. And a bit like getting out of bed every morning, that takes some energy and motivation to not hit the business alarm clock and go back to sleep.
As the one person that has to keep the drive going, you have to keep your energy up and fiond the effort to keep the business in shape. And that thats a regular “excercise” program.
If you need to strengthen your body’s core, you can lift weights, or do crunches. And you need to find time to regularly fit in those excercises.
Similarly if you need to strengthen a core in you new business, better marketing plan or stay abrest of your competition, you need to focus some regular time each day on them.
Set aside some time during the early hours to read an article on marketing or your industry. Not every read will spark a specific change, but every read will build your core.

Small business entrepreneur, and lover of small towns & open country. Experienced in large scale manufacturing management, retail sales, small business start-up and ownership, special event planning and operation, web design and marketing.

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